I am always testing out new ideas and looking for ways to optimize existing code.  Here is a relatively complete listing of projects I have been or am currently involved in:

Projects  hosted at RIAForge:

Send emails with ColdFusion through Amazon’s Simple Email Service.

An open-sourced component for viewing traffic on your ColdFusion based web site can be found here

I also have all of my open-source projects hosted at GitHub which you can find here along with the current version of WhosOnCFC:

This is a quick demo I threw together to see how easy it would be to emulate a desktop environment in jQuery and my current answer is it takes 156 lines of jQuery.  It is not fully functioning but it does handle opening windows, minimize, etc.

This was an attempt to make a multi user dungeon using jQuery and ajax to poll a server to maintain game state.  When adding non-player characters to the game I quickly realized the communication overhead was making game play suffer greatly.  I never quite worked out the “multi user” part either.  It was not a total loss, I learned quite a few valuable lessons writing this one.  Many of the jQuery posts here originated from lessons learned on this project.  I am currently working on another version of this project using Pusher that is just now kicking off that will utilize HTML5 web sockets to push data real-time to the clients eliminating the polling that crippled the first version.

There are several other projects I am currently involved in, most are in early development or planning stages.


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