Streaming media to your Wii

One of the great things about consoles that have recently been released is media streaming. Recently I have been using the Serviio DLNA media server to stream videos to the XBox 360, unfortunately during a lightning storm a few weeks back my 360 console sacrificed itself to protect my $15 plug strip. While I applaud that kind of dedication, the kids now have to use the living room TV to watch movies. Needless to say, the situation is not optimal.

Which brings us to the Wii. The Wii console is great, but when it comes to streaming video it is way behind the XBox 360. However, with the Homebrew Channel and WiiMC that is a very easy problem to remedy. Granted, the downside here is you have to soft mod your Wii and that might not be your particular brand of cognac. Soft modding is not hard, but it is well beyond the scope of this post but there are many guides out there on installing HBC on your Wii.

Once the application is installed add your SMB  (Windows share) with your shared media into the configuration. It is not quite as tidy as being able to hook to Serviio as a DLNA receiver, but it works and it works well.

As an aside, if you have the Homebrew Channel installed I highly recommend the Homebrew Browser. It is a heck of a lot easier than moving files over to your SD card every time you want to add an application. Just select the app you want and install from within HBC. It works a treat!