Adding ColdFusion tags to jEdit’s JTidy plugin

Lately I have been using jEdit almost exclusively as my editor of choice when coding. While one could argue that it lacks many features found in other editors such as Eclipse it more than makes up for with the many plugins you can install. One of those plugins is JTidy, a java implementation of HTML Tidy that comes in real handy for cleaning up malformed or faulty HTML.

Installation in jEdit is a breeze using the plugin manager so I quickly had it installed, but the one issue I quickly ran into was the fact that JTidy did not know how to handle CFML tags. After a lot of googling I found Ron Stewart’s config file for JTidy that has the CF tag rules:

Copy the tag names into the correct blocks in the JTidy area of jEdit’s plugin options and you should be in business. I managed to get everything configured this evening but I really have not had a chance to test it out.