Speeding up Aptana Studio 3

My IDE of choice when developing is Aptana Studio.  I was setting up a new install last night on a Windows development machine and it seemed like it was a little “sluggish” (yes, that is a technical term).

After some quick Googling I found Mike Henke’s post on Turbo Charging Eclipse.  Since Aptana is built on top of Eclipse this is just what I was looking for.  Mike’s guide is pretty dang comprehensive and I will not reiterate it but if you are looking for some performance gains I would consider it recommended reading.

Admittedly, I did not go through all the steps he outlined.  I made some “best guesses” based on my system configuration and went with it.  Here is my current AptanaStudio3.ini file for Windows, although the same optimizations should work equally well on Linux.

Aptana Studio 3

The end result, Aptana definitely feels like it has a little more pep in its step.  I do not have any benchmarks or hard quantitative data to back that up, only my personal experience.


AnyEdit, a great plugin for Eclipse based IDE’s

Anyone who has ever done any amount of work with me knows that I am a little bit of a “Code Nazi.”  I am not a fan of tab-indented coding because on a busy page I do not want to keep scrolling into the middle of next week just to get to the end of a line.  I prefer indenting each new level of code with a space because it is just as easy to interpret and nesting several layers deep does start almost off the page.

As I mentioned before I have switched to Aptana for development recently and that is one of the best changes I have made in a long time.  Aptana has quite a few settings in the preferences for handling tabs in the editor.  Unfortunately, changing these settings seem to only affect how the editor displays the code.  If you save a file and open it in another editor, the tabs will display as tabs again and again the nesting will be off the page.

Well today I could not take it any more and I set out looking for a solution to the problem.  Then I came across a nice little plugin called AnyEdit.  AnyEdit will allow you to convert tabs to spaces as well as clean up any trialing whitespace after tags.  Definitely worth checking out if do not like the nested tabs either.