Stripe Java API and Railo/ACF Part Deux

I wanted to go ahead and push out my latest update on the Stripe Java API I have been working on, but due to an extremely crazy schedule, I am afraid I cannot attach much documentation now. I hope to remedy that in the future as soon as my schedule lightens up a little. Here is the stripped down CFC. Currently it is able to process a charge as well as grab a list of events from Stripe. Here is the code.

As an example of how to use the CFC, here is a small demo.

A few things to note here. To get around having to javacast the expiration month and years to ints, if you pass them as string values they evaluate correctly. This also applies to the amount field. Any parameter you are allowed to pass according to the java API documentation should work just fine.


2 thoughts on “Stripe Java API and Railo/ACF Part Deux

  1. you can short circuit those two datetime functions by

    cfDateTimeObject.getTime() to return java epoch offset in ms.
    cfDateTimeObject.setTime(javaEpochOffset) to set cf datetime w/java epoch offset in ms.

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