My final nginx/Railo connector

I have setup a few servers the last few days and I have finally honed my nginx/Railo configuration down to the point where it is about as good as it is going to get. The actual server configuration is minimal; set the host name and the log file location and you are done. Everything Railo needs to run is set in an include file that can easily be added to any site.

As a quick example, here is an example host file:

The host configuration is straight forward. Next we move on to the Railo connector:

The Railo connector is pretty much a rehash of my other posts, with a few differences. Every thing is now contained in the include instead of just the main connector. This handles the main rewrite block (supporting SES URLs out of the box), locks down the Railo admin so that it cannot be accessed directly as well as hiding the admin in /secret/location/(web|server).cfm.

Also I have added the extra proxy parameters to the Railo admin proxy. This should keep you from banging your head on the desk for a few hours wondering why you Railo context seems to be pointed somewhere else since the host headers are not getting proxied to Railo. It was a bit of an oversight in the original posts.


10 thoughts on “My final nginx/Railo connector

      1. Figured it out! Great stuff! Wouldn’t have figured it out without your help! Thanks so much!

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