Stripe Java API and ColdFusion

I have been working on a pet project for a week or so and I thought it would be nice to add the ability to process payments. I remembered a post I read a while back about using Stripe to process credit card payments so I thought I would give them a shot.

Actually getting them going was not that hard. There are quite a few projects out there wrapping the Stripe API, however most of them are pretty big and I am just looking for something simple. They have a Java API available so I thought I would give that a shot. There is not much information about using the Java API in ColdFusion, so it was a little trial an error.

First, I needed to get two jar files and add them to my classpath; the latest stripe api and also the Google gson jar file (links to both may be found on Stripe’s web site.

The fun part was getting it to work which was easy enough by looking at the API documentation and examining the stripe-java test code on GitHub. Here is what I quickly came up with. Not all functionality is working of course, but at least there is a test charge going through and successfully completing.

I hope to have something more complete working later this week.