Demo site back up

The past year or so has been extremely busy. Between obligations at work and spending time with my family I really do not have a lot of “extra” time. I fell into the funk I guess every developer gets in to and as a result all my side projects fell off the map.

I have been doing my best to get in to a learning mindset instead of just coasting. To kick things off I started writing my own framework which lead me to wanting to get other things going again. The site is sparse now, but I will be adding things as I go along. The chat demo is working which shows how to setup a quick and easy CF chat as well as demonstrates automatically scrolling a div when adding text to it. A few new features are following as I get them ironed out and as time permits.




About Robert Zehnder

Web application developer specializing in ColdFusion/Railo and Open Source development.

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