Sony SMP-N100 media player

I have been thinking about getting a DLNA media receiver for a long time and I finally broke down and picked one up. I have a bunch of movies and TV shows archived on my media server and it is great when watching them through WMC, but not every TV in the house is connected to a computer. It is easy enough to connect an XB0x360 to Serviio DLNA server or connect the Wii to a Windows Share, but my XBox360 finally RRoD’d and we only have one Wii. Having kids we do not have a lot of “extra” money so I was looking for an inexpensive DLNA receiver that would easily work with Serviio and I came across the Sony SMP-N100.

There were three things that sold me on the SMP-N100. First it is made by Sony, I have never had a bad experience with a Sony product. Second, at $49 dollars it is affordable. Finally  it has built in WiFi that will connect to any  band out there and that was the major selling point. The unit does come with a wired network port however I will probably never use it  because Miranda frowns on me punching holes in the walls to run Cat-5 everywhere.

Setting up the unit was pretty simple; select your language, which video output you will be using and finally selecting the aspect ratio on your TV. If you are using a wireless connection you can browse for your wireless SSID and configure that and you are up and running. If you have a DLNA server running you can add that to the video servers. It has built in access to a lot of services such as Amazon Video, YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu Plus and Pandora just to name a few so you are not limited to what you can connect to.

Sony has a newer model out, the SMP-N200 but I got this model because it was a little bit cheaper and I just wanted to test the waters to see how it would perform. My experience has been good so far so I will probably be purchasing the newer model in the near future.



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