CF Free Chat

Last year I wrote a simple chat system for ColdFusion as a demo for a friend of mine.  It was very simple; a component on the backend acted as the main controller for storing the “message cache” and on the front end jQuery code polls the cfc at a set interval and updates the chat window.  Simple stuff.

I never really got much further than the proof-of-concept code because of time constraints and also not long after that Railo introduced messaging websocket gateways with push notification.   Needless to say, I started playing around with that an the original project just fell to the wayside and I really just forgot about the simple CFChat app.

Fast-forward to yesterday.  Jessica pinged me letting me know she had released a free chat app based loosely on my code called CF Free Chat.  Her version is much more polished with private messaging, user warns and user kicks, all easily configured through a settings file.  With a few CSS tweaks you can easily have a customized version up and running in no time.

This was originally the direction I was intending on going with the application if I had the time to write it.  If you are looking for something along these lines I would definitely suggest checking it out.


2 thoughts on “CF Free Chat

  1. I’m trying to get this running on OpenBD, but I run into a problem with the first line in chat.cfm, I get “, form, url) doesn’t exist.”

    Any ideas?

    1. One possible issue comes to mind. Are you running this on a Windows machine or a *nix box? If you are running on *nix I would say make sure rename the application.cfm to Application.cfm. It doesn’t sound like services object is being created in the application scope.

      I do not have much experience with OpenBD, but that would be my first guess. If that doesn’t work let me know.

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