AmazonSES API 0.1.5

I finally had a few minutes tonight to finish up the modifications for version 0.1.5.

Improvements for this version:
* Now defaults to a persisted application-scoped component
* No hard error on demo if is not correctly configured
* Each new request initiates a new connection to the email service
* The setEndPoint function is now called every time the mail service is initiated (if it is not the default address)
* You can now set message headers for outgoing emails

I was hesitant to make this an application-scoped component because I was trying to make this as light-weight as possible.  I did try to make sure it was backwards-compatible with the previous versions so if you did decide that you did not want to create an instance in the application scope, it still works just fine when created in the variables scope.  If you wanted to set any headers or change the end point from the default though you will need to edit the init method and override the default values with the values you would like to use.



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