Moved to linux (again)

I know I have made several of these posts in the past where I say I ditched my Windows roots and moved everything to linux.  This time, I believe, will be different.

In the past I have always been tied to Windows by the applications I used every day.  MS Office for e-mail, documents and spreadsheets.  I have used either HomeSite or Dreamweaver for coding and Photoshop for image editing.  Not to mention the more nefarious applications I use day in and day out.  However, things have been changing a lot recently.  Google Docs has replaced MS Office for handling most productivity items.  Having access to all my documents from any computer is just too big of a convenience to pass up.  As far as web design goes I have bounced around a few editors; Eclipse and jEdit to name a few before finally settling on Aptana because I get a good blend of tools.  All of these editors run on top of Java so it was just a matter of installing and everything just works.

There are several native Windows applications I just do not think I could live without, World of Warcraft being one of them.  I had it up and running with Wine in about two minutes flat (not counting the patching I had to do because I did not back up my latest installation).  There are a few other applications I use on a day to day basis and they work fine.  If Wine can handle WoW, it can handle darn near anything.

The other major use I have is backing up my personal DVD’s to my Windows Media Center movie library.  There is a metric buttload(tm) of Windows applications out there that handle this, but I have been using Handbrake for a while now.  While it may not be the fastest (at least on my aging system), it gets the job done with great results and there is a native port for linux that has the familiar GUI in Gnome.

Will I be able to stick with it this time?  I don’t know, but the results are looking promising so far.  Who knows,  I might start missing that BSoD again soon.


5 thoughts on “Moved to linux (again)

    1. I am running Ubuntu 10.10 as well. I will have to agree that I like a lot of the UI improvements Microsoft made with Win7. I tried it out for a little while and I just couldn’t see paying for a license for it.

      Ubuntu does everything I need it too and probably more. All my servers are running linux, I just need to get used to running it at the desktop level. Having SSH built in to the OS is a nice feature.

  1. I switched to Ubuntu back when Vista came out (and after I’d burned £200+ buying a copy), really enjoying 10.10.

    If you use Photoshop for processing photos, Bibble Pro is a great alternative that runs natively on Linux (as well as Mac and PC) – it is more akin to Adobe Lightroom and Apple’s Aperture and does an awesome job.

    If you find any great tools for designing web sites (other than the GIMP, which suits me fine), let me know!

    Oh, and IDE – I imagine the CFBuilder team are totally gutted about the Adobe management not supporting Linux after the effort of choosing and coding for Eclipse. Maybe one day there will be a change of hear, but I personally live with CFEclipse very happily.


  2. I will have to check out Bibble Pro. I was kinda shocked to find that Shotwell Photo management didn’t have an image resize feature built in, but I installed Gimp and got around that.

    I am kind of on the fence about CFBuilder. I have heard tons of great things about it but I do find it strange that they will not support linux. It sounds like it has some really nice features, but I have never used it so I am not missing any of them at the moment. Aptana with CFEclipse works great for what I use it for.

    Thanks Dominic for the heads up on Bibble.

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