What can 150 lines of jQuery do?

Lately I have been working on a side project meaning to use it as a administration tool of sorts for some up and coming projects I have planned.  Basically the interface mimics a computer desktop.  You click on application links on the desktop and it opens a window.  You can drag it around, resize it, minimize it, etc.  You can drag the application links around on the desktop and arrange them however you like.

To be fair, I got the idea from a co-worker of mine, Aaron,  who wrote a similar application.  On the other hand, I wanted to leverage the power of the jQuery UI so changing a theme would just be a matter of changing which stylesheet to include.  I thought it would be an involved process getting everything working but actually it was deceptively easy.  It still doesn’t layout correctly in IE…  Imagine that.


I don’t know if I will ever actually ever use it in a project but it was pretty fun to play around with.  I will probably put it up for download later if anyone is interested in playing around with it.

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