Updated WhosOnCFC 2.2.4 on RIAForge

I just uploaded a new zip package to RIAForge that has an updated version of WhosOnCFC 2.2.4 from the version uploaded yesterday.  I had an issue in Application.cfc that Todd Rafferty helped me run down and that has been corrected.  It also includes a newly updated version of the jQuery session viewer.  I tried to be thorough when I wrote the jQuery viewer so you could watch your sessions, but at the same time added in some nice jQuery UI elements as well.  Again, you can find the live demo here: http://www.kisdigital.com/tests/jView.

I have also changed the SVN hosting for WhosOnCFC.  I have been using git almost exclusively lately, so I have switched over to github for handling version control.  I usually push to github at the end of the day so if you are interested in having the most up-to-date version you can generally find it here: http://github.com/robertz/WhosOnCFC.


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