Railo and Tomcat made easy

I have seen several posts recently about installing Railo for local development, so I figured I would point out a nicely pre-configured Railo/Tomcat package out there from the folks at Vivio Technologies, which can be found here: http://railo.viviotech.net.  They have packages for both Windows and Linux, so you should have your bases (and operating systems) covered.   One other benefit of using the package is no web server is required.  Tomcat will act as its own web server.

It is very easy to install new webs using the package, the only thing required is editing your Tomcat server.xml file and add a new entry into the virtual hosts section.  A typical entry will look like this:

<Host name="site1.localhost" appBase="webapps">      
    <Context path="" docBase="C:\Sites\site1.localhost" />

After you have made the appropriate changes to your HOSTS file and restart Tomcat you will be in business.


4 thoughts on “Railo and Tomcat made easy

  1. I can’t get this working.

    No matter what I do, when I browse to my site I get “Page /index.cfm [C:\index.cfm] not found”.

    (Note: my site does not reside in C:\)

    1. That is definitely a dilemma. I would assume this is for your default localhost? I am up to my ears in javascript at the moment so this will give me a nice diversion for a minute. Will see what I can find and I will post reply.

  2. I am stumped. I did not run in to that issue when I installed and did not see a way to change the default host scanning through the standard server.xml and web.xml files. I would say your best course of action would be to run the uninstaller and reinstall.

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