Install Ubuntu on Dell XPS 400 and Dell E196FP Display

I received an email from Michael and he was having some issues installing Ubuntu on a Dell XPS 400. I wrote entries on this when I was first getting heavily into Linux that were far more complicated than they needed to be. He was having problems following those posts so I came up with a simplified version.

Here is what I suggest:

Boot Ubuntu [9.04], on the first screen choose your language [English] Then press F4 and select [Safe Graphics]

Then press [F6], but do not select any option. Instead press [Escape] and it will allow you to change the command line. Remove the option “quiet splash –” and replace it with “vga=791” instead

Start the installation

This should install Ubuntu in safe graphics mode at a resolution of 1024×768. Once the installation is finished you should be able to enable the nVidia driver and get the better resolution and color depth.

This should also work for anyone with a nVidia chipset that does not correctly get identified at installation.


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